Hope is available for adoption at Pet Country in Lake Forest.

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Hope was rescued Jan. 2, 2016 by Pet Country pet supply store in Lake Forest after a customer informed the store owner about a cat trapped behind the washing machine at a nearby laundry mat. Pet Country owner Katie Berger went over to see if she could coax the cat out, but had no luck.

“My best friend’s dad, who is a general contractor, was actually eating lunch next door, and he was able to come over and unscrew the front of the washer so that we could pull Hope out,” recalled Berger. “When we got her back to the store, we all realized that something was wrong. She wouldn’t stand up, and just kept flopping on her back. She was also super skinny. I took her to the only vet that was open in the area.”

There, Berger was told Hope was most likely poisoned or possibly had a neurological problem.

Hope is available for adoption at Pet Country in Lake Forest.

“Without doing a ton of tests, there was no way to know what she actually had,” she said. “Hope was so bad off, the vet told me it would not be inhumane to put her down. I asked the vet if it would be OK for her to give me some pain meds, and if I could see if I could keep her alive over the weekend, until I could take her to my normal vet. I was told that would be fine, but that I shouldn’t be surprised if Hope didn’t make it through the night.”

Berger and her employees syringe-fed Hope mashed-up canned cat food and raw goat’s milk every hour for three days. When she took Hope to her usual vet on Monday evening, Hope walked out of the carrier on her own.

“From there, she improved drastically,” Berger said. “She is now a super healthy and sweet cat. She takes awhile to warm up to new people, but once she gets to know you, she will be super cuddly and sweet with you. She does not get along well with other cats or dogs. She wants to be the queen of the house.”

Hope is available for adoption through Pet Country. Her adoption fee is $150, and it covers her spay, microchip and being up-to-date on vaccines. The $150 fee also includes a bag of her favorite food, a bag of cat litter and her favorite toy. Anyone interested in adopting Hope can visit Pet Country to meet her and fill out an adoption application.

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