Nannette Aviles-Simpson / Photo Credit: Kristi Klemens KLK Photography

It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about one thing – heading to the beach.

To help us get a little more swimsuit ready, Orange County personal trainer Nannette Aviles-Simpson, who runs The Wellness Coach, which offers an all-women outdoor boot camp, personal training and fitness retreats in Southern California, answered some of our pressing fitness-related questions.

The Orange County Independent: What are the most popular goals for getting beach-body ready?

Nannette Aviles-Simpson: My clientele is women from ages 18 to 70. The most popular goals are to lose belly fat, tighten the legs, glutes, arms and abdominal muscles. I usually hear that a client wants to drop 5 to 10 pounds in one month.

Nannette Aviles-Simpson works with her client, Kaeli Wilson, on the old-fashioned squat.

TOCI: How attainable are they? 

NAS: My focus with a client is to lose inches vs. lose weight. As we focus on weight training to lean and tone the body, sometimes my client will actually gain weight – as muscle is more dense than fat – yet lose 5 to 10 inches in one month. If my client is also willing and ready to make good food choices such as no dairy, gluten and sugar – these cause a lot of inflammation in the gut and the entire body – they can definitely see a big difference in their body in one month. The food and the exercise changes combined are necessary to faster results.

TOCI: What are some effective ab-slimming exercises you recommend?

NAS: My three favorite ab exercises that are safe, effective and target all the abdominal area are: dead bugs (works the entire abdominal sheath), Russian twists (for the muscles that contour the waist) and drop downs (targets the lower part of the abdominal sheath).

Nannette Aviles-Simpson’s client, Kaeli Wilson, practices Russian twist exercise.

TOCI: What about some for the butt and thighs?

NAS: I actually believe the “old school” glute and thigh exercises are very effective.

TOCI: What are some nutrition tips?

NAS: I believe what works best with my clients is to keep it simple. Think healthy. As a certified clinical nutritionist, I see too many people get frustrated with their food choices. Many people try to make too many changes too fast, and then it becomes overwhelming and they go back to their old unhealthy habits. I suggest to just make one choice at a time. One day at a time it becomes easier and more attainable to make healthy choices. Ask yourself: What foods can I eat that I know are healthy? Vegetables, fruit – in moderation – lean proteins such as turkey, fish, chicken, good healthy fats – olive oil, avocado, almonds and nuts in moderation (¼ avocado per meal as they can be higher in calories). Eating close to nature as best we can along with five days a week of cardio, resistance training and flexibility, and [drinking] half of your body in ounces of water each day, will get us closer to that toned beach body that we are looking for.


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